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 The Rural Mental Health funding has been a great support of many groups and projects in the community from Arts & Crafts for mental health wellness that have held many crafting sessions from painting at the GC/FCSS Building to the lodge and manors. Other projects supported are the social time, meal and conversations at a manor.  Activities at Circle Square Ranch for the junior Highs, a speaker for the students and parents on mental health topics like anxiety, bullying, stress etc.
There is an opportunity to access more funds and so the question is…"What do you believe would support positive ment and wellness."
Please call Mandy with any of your ideas.
We appreciate all ideas.
We recently received a grant to create and launch a Youth Suicide Prevention project across the 3C's. The Grant comes from Alberta's commitment to preventing youth suicide and improving the health and well-being of young people. This project will be a rural youth-led initiative that provides training, education, and awareness for front-line workers, families, community members, and youth. The intent is for our target group to recognize the signs of and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, and provide support to those who are struggling with mental illness, are contemplating or have attempted suicide, and/or who are struggling with loss due to suicide. Please click below to see more about our project.

Adults only evening: Starting again in October Please call and register at 403-882-2115 . Floor curling, pool, shuffle board, darts, visiting, board games

We are looking for winter clothing once again. If you have extra coats, boots, mitts, hats or snow pants please drop them off with Mandy and they will be here for people to access until the end of November

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